A downloadable game for Windows

This is my tribute, and fanart / playable teaser showing how I imagine the remake / remaster of the classic Gothic game made by Piranha Bytes. Made for fun within a three weeks.

Special thanks to Kaolin for helping out with [SPOILER] ;)


There is no combat system, dialogs and other rpg elements. You can just explore, collect ore nuggets, and find some easter eggs, in the very beginning of the mining valley, from the reloading zone, to the narrow passage that leads to the valley, next to the tree with a hangman.


Have fun.

By the way, check out my other projects:


TheColony_v1.20.1010.zip 898 MB


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I have to you an Question, It is difficult to develop such a great Projekt or Game to develop, because I wanted to game develop but I don't understand how it work or sumthing. I hope you understanding me because my englisch is not the Best

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Hi. It's not easy to start, but there are tons of tutorials and sample projects in the internet. I've been working in Unreal Engine 4 for over five years, and I'm constantly learning something new.

Incredible work!

You made me feel home. It's a pity that you won't work further on this project.

How did you get it so close to the original game? What's your work flow? Have you uploaded the original level mesh to UE4 for references or are you just working with pictures?

Thanks! I found at worldofgothic.de 3d model of the mining valley terrain, then I imported it to Unreal Engine 4, and it served as a foundation for the scene. Additionally, Gothic was fired up in the background, and I often alt-tabbed and watched the place in game I was currently doing in Unreal.

Good approach. You nailed it with your work!

Could we have a little chat? Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram or just via email? 🙂

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Sure! I don't have accounts on these sites/apps, so via email:


Awesome work! Russian review: 

Another Let's Play from a German Let's Player:

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Hello, Looks awesome! Question, is it planned to work further on it and maybe finish it completely some time in the future if people really like it? Because I am a huuuuge Gothic fan as it is the game of my childhood and I know it from the inside out, and currently am looking for a longterm project I could work on or inject myself into on my free time and possibly would be interested in helping you create this world.

PS: I would be interested in working on the programming part aka combat, logic etc

Thanks. No plans for work further on it, it's just a short fangame/fanart.

May I ask in what this is made? I suppose Unity or Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine 4

Could you please share the source files with me? I would love to play with them in UE4... so I haven't used UE4 before. Only modified the original Gothic game. I would use them only for personal use.

What assets packs do you use?

This looks awesome. Since I have literally zero expectations that the guys behind the abominable playable Teaser will manage to make a worthy game I sincerely hope that this is going to be finished someday.

A thousand times better than the other remake. Are you continuing on the project or is this finished? Btw I died 3 times and only found 6 Ores xD

Thanks! Yes, it's finished, it's just a short fangame/fanart.

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Perfect job! This is how I personally imagine a real remake of Gothic. I enclose a video with a view through the area and behind it.

It looks like a demo of a remaster of the first gothic, requiring some tweaking, but looking pretty good!

It was fresh.


Sick stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what the reboot couldve been!